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Money and Payments


The payment status codes are associated with the billing of the Careseeker and the payment of a Caregiver. Until the Caregiver submits their work hours, a user will need to look under “Send Work Hours” (if the Caregiver has not sent their time card), or “Approve Work Hours” (if the Caregiver has sent their time card, but the CSAdmin has not yet approved it).

(Looking at table below) Until the work week hours have been approved and sent to the Careseeker Admin the status is Pending. Once the hours have been sent, but not yet approved, the status is Sent. At this stage, the CSAdmin can either have the work hours Approved, Disputed, or Rejected.

Disputed work hours that are resolved timely will be billed during the current billing cycle (11:59:59PM Tuesday), otherwise the Time Sheet goes into Rejected status. Upon a Caregiver resubmitting a Rejected Time Sheet, the CSAdmin has 48 hours to act upon the resubmitted time sheet until the Pay Stub status becomes Overdue. Also, a Pay Stub (time sheet) that is submitted by 11:59:59PM on Sunday and is NOT approved by 11:59:59PM Tuesday will become Overdue.

Once a time sheet is Approved, the Pay Stub status will change indicating that the credit card has been billed or to CCBilled. If the charge goes through, then status is changed to CCCleared, but if the charge fails the status changes to CCFailed (at this point lots of emails get sent!!). It takes a few days for Keep Safe Care to actually receive the money from a credit card charge, and once it is received, a direct deposit into the Caregiver’s account is initiated and the Pay Stub status changes to CGPending.

Upon successful completion of the ACH (direct deposit), the status changes to CGPaid for that Pay Stub (see the associated Pay Stub number). Of course, if for some reason, the ACH did NOT get accepted, the payment status would change to CGFailed.