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How do I get Hired?

How Do I Get Hired?
Keep Safe Care Direct understands that often caregivers are not appreciated nor compensated for the skill and talents they possess. Our whole charter is to empower caregivers and those needing care. For caregivers, this means wages for caregivers are between $4 and $8 per hour more than what private duty agencies pay. Keep Safe Care Direct gives you the tools and means on how to “go into business” for yourself and help with finding clients while maintaining all the “back office” details of your business.

Keep Safe Care Direct does not post jobs but instead matches a Careseeker’s (client’s) needs to your abilities, including cultural idiosyncrasies like primary language, dietary restrictions, interests, hobbies, age, and even if they are a veteran. This allows for superior caregiver curation, matching and management. We not only help you secure employment but also ensure a “rightness of fit” between you and your potential client from the start.

We have distilled the hiring process into Eleven (11) Steps that address the step-by-step intricacies of using our system. These steps give you instruction and illustrations on the process of finding a job using Keep Safe Care Direct. There are critical stages in the process and we give you email notifications, prompts and reminders of your progress along the way with each client you engage with. Click on the Step Number below to reveal (or close) the instructions and information on each step.

If connecting through a smart phone please do the following:
Android: click on 3 dots on upper right corner. Click box with Desktop site
iPhone: click on AA in upper left. Click on Request Desktop Website

Step 1: Create and Complete your Profile online

The only way you can get a job through Keep Safe Care Direct is if your profile is complete. There are three sections that you will need to fill out in order for your profile to be considered complete: About You, Credentials, and Availability & Hourly Rate. (note: click on any image to enlarge).

First enter your home address and telephone number. Your email address should already be entered.

Next add an appropriate profile picture. Something that looks professional, not like what is in the example below. In addition, check off some of your hobbies and interests.

Finally, you can enter your social security number now, but it is NOT necessary until you are actually offered a job. Remember to come back here and enter it when I job offer is made.

When you are done you can click either the SAVE AND NEXT button or the SAVE AND EXIT button. If you have completed this section correctly, you should see a check mark under the About You tab.

Next, you will need to move to the Credentials tab on your profile. First, enter your skills, training, years of experience and language(s) spoken.

Then answer a few questions about smoking, pets, live-in, and ability to lift heavy objects.

Followed by a description about yourself. This is where you can differentiate yourself from other caregivers and tell a potential employer why they should hire you. Include any particular unique talents or skills that you think are beneficial to a potential client.

Continue by adding ALL of your work experience.

Next, add your HIGHEST level of education.

Finally, please add any references you have concerning people who can vouch for your work or personally.

When you have completed the Credentials section, you will see a check mark under the tab name. Now move to the Availability & Hourly Rate tab.

First you will see a listing of services that can be offered. Check off all of those that apply to you.

Now enter the hourly wage you would like to receive. Please note that Keep Safe Care Direct is trying to maximize the wages of all caregivers, but if you put too high a wage, you may be overlooked. Also note that some caregivers can charge more for weekend, holiday, and late-night care. Then enter the date that you are available to start working.

Next, enter the times you are available to work on the calendar. This is important as we use your availability as a high matching criterium. Also, you will have to come back periodically to change your availability as your circumstances change.

To add times onto the calendar either click on the + CREATE NEW AVAILABILITY button or click directly on the calendar to add times. When doing so, you will see a dialog box appear. Enter the time span here.

Once your calendar is completed, it should look like below with your available times showing as time blocks. To edit or delete any times, just click on the time block in the calendar.

When you are satisfied with your results click the SAVE AND EXIT button. When your profile is 100% complete, you should see all three tabs with check marks underneath and a message: Success! Your account is 100% complete. Please check your email for more information and next steps.

You should also get a confirmation email indicating your profile is complete and your profile is now be visible on our system to be matched with Careseekers. Congratulations, you have taken the first step to getting hired though our system. Now continue to Steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: Check Your Spam Folder and Unblock Keep Safe Care Direct

This is the number one reason why individuals do not get hired. They fail to white-list, unblock, or take Keep Safe Care Direct out of spam. So please check your email spam folder to make sure that our emails are allowed to go into your inbox. At the same time unblock or white-list emails from Sometimes when email services see support@ they automatically assume the email is spam.

Step 3: Keep Account Active & Respond to Connection Requests

Keep Safe Care Direct is different from every other caregiver site in one gigantic way. We do NOT post jobs. So, no more replying to job posts and waiting and waiting, not knowing what is going on. Instead, we match you with individuals and families who are looking for caregivers. So now you see why it is so vitally important that you fully complete your profile as accurately and extensively as possible.

You will only be “visible” to Careseekers looking to hire caregiver in your area in your profile is 100% complete and your status is Active on your system. If your status goes inactive either by inactivity or by you inactivating your account, you will not be seen by potential clients.

If someone is interested in contacting you and possibly interviewing or hiring you, they will first send you a connection request. Again, this is why it is important that you check your spam folder or log in and check for connection requests periodically. Even if you do not get a connection request right away, do not fret. Keep Safe Care Direct constantly gets new Careseekers in our system daily, but in order you to stay “visible” to these new Careseekers, you will need to log in periodically or your account will go inactive. We do send you a notice when that is about to happen by the way. Still, as a rule, it is a good idea just check back weekly by logging in if you are actively looking for a caregiving job.

When a Careseeker wants to start the process of potentially offering a job, you will first receive an email requesting that you connect with them (see below as an example). Please follow the instructions found in this email. Also note that you might get several connection requests from a variety of Careseekers. You will need to reply to each connection request separately.

In order to accept a Careseeker’s connection request, you will need to log into your account and then navigate to your Careseekers tab. Upon logging in, you will also notice that if you have any To Dos, you will be directed to To Do Action Items. Clicking on that notification will take you to the web site location that the action has highlighted. You can navigate back to the To Dos by clicking on the navigation on the left-handed panel at any time.

if you navigate away from the connection request To Dos, you can still accept a Careseeker’s connection request by navigating first to your Careseekers section. To do so, click on the Careseekers link either on the left-hand navigation or on your Profile homepage. (see red blocks below)

You will either be redirected to or see a tab labeled Accept Connections, click on that tab.

You will then see the Careseeker(s) who want to connect with you, click the ACCEPT / REJECT button of the name you want to accept (or reject) the connection request.  At this point you will also see the pay range as well as how far away the Careseeker is from you. This screen also highlights the tasks and duties are are expected to perform as well as the hours needed if you scroll down.

You will then see the Careseeker’s profile card. On the left-hand side, and below the Careseeker’s name, you will see and ACCEPT CONNECTION button. You can also reject the connection request by clicking the BLOCK CARESEEKER button.

After clicking the ACCEPT CONNECTION button and acknowledging your desire to be considered for the open position, the next step will be for the Careseeker to request an interview. You will find now find this Careseeker in your Connected Careseekers section with a status of Interview (see below). You should also receive a confirmation email indicating that you have connected with a particular Careseeker. In addition, once you have accepted the connection, you now can use the Messenger feature to communicate with your Careseeker or Careseeker Admin (might be a son or daughter, etc. of the Careseeker).

Remember, if you do not want to connect with this Careseeker, please do the courtesy and refuse the connection request by clicking the BLOCK CARESEEKER button when viewing their profile.

Step 4: Respond to Interview Requests Promptly

Congratulations! You have made it to the interview step by receiving an email from a Careseeker or their administrator. Hopefully you have remembered to unblock emails from Keep Safe Care Direct so that you see these notices to interview. When you receive an email please respond promptly because many of these interview requests are time sensitive, meaning they need a caregiver as soon as possible. At this time, you may also want to message the Careseeker indicating your receipt of the interview request and that you will be responding with times shortly. To begin the process, click the link in the email and then log in to your account.

When you log in using the link in the email above, you should be directed to your Connected Careseekers section where you will be given options for an interview and how the interview will be conducted. You can either accept one of the options, request modifications and suggest an alternative, or decline the interview. Declining the interview will also block the Careseeker and end communications between both parties.

If you have bypassed using the link in the email, when you log in will be be directed to your To Do Actions Items page. Clicking on this to-do link will again take you  Connected Careseekers section where you will be given options for an interview and how the interview will be conducted as indicated above.

Once you have made a selection click the SEND button to confirm. An email will be sent to both you and the Careseeker. Your status with this Careseeker will show when and how the interview will take place.

Please make sure you mark on a calendar when and how this interview is to be conducted and move to Step 5.

Step 5: Make Sure You Show Up for an Interview On Time

The surest way NOT to get hired is to show up late (or not at all) for the scheduled interview either in person, by phone or zoom. Remember, there will be other caregivers that the Careseeker may be interviewing as well as other sources that they are looking at to secure caregiving. The number one factor in caregiving is reliability, and being late to an interview will most likely disqualify you.

We understand that things come up in everyone’s life, so if you need to change the date or time of your interview, please contact the Careseeker via Messenger or phone (if they included it in the interview request). As an alternative, you can click the Need Help? icon and a nurse will get a message to your Careseeker. Whatever you decide, make sure if circumstances change that you notify the individual in some way who may want to hire you.

Step 6: Careseeker will Hire or Not Hire

Just to let you know that over 80% of all caregivers who are interviewed through our site get a job offer. Still, on an occasion, you may receive an email indicating that the Careseeker has decided not to hire you. Again, do not get too discouraged. Keep Safe Care Direct continuously gets more and more Careseekers on our site, and you might already have multiple connection request.

If, on the other hand, the Careseeker decides to hire you, you will get a Job Offer email notice and please move to Step 7 to see that needs to be done.

Step 7: You Got a Job Offer! Look for a Background Check

If after your interview, the Careseeker decides to make you a job offer, you will receive an email like the one below. Prior to this offer, you will receive a request to have a background check performed. If you indicate that you do not want a background check, you most likely will not receive a job offer. Please respond in a timely manner to any request to perform a background check, as it takes from 2 to 4 days to get one completed and you will not be able to start working until one is received.

If your background check comes back with no issues, then you will most likely receive a Job Offer email like the one above. If you do, there will be a few items you will directed to enter into your profile if you have not done so yet: your Social Security Number and your Checking Account Information. Entering these items are illustrated in Steps 8 and 9.

Step 8: You Accept Offer, Will Need Social Security Number

You are now entering into a legal contract with your employer and this is to protect both parties.

When you click on the Click to view job offer link in the Job Offer email and log in to your account, you will be taken to your Connected Careseekers tab where you will see the Careseeker who has made you a job offer. Notice your connection status with this Careseeker is now Hire. In addition, you will see a VIEW HIRING OFFER button.

If you had not yet entered your Social Security number, when you click the VIEW HIRING OFFER button you will be directed to enter it with a popup.

As a note, you can also change your social security number under the About You tab. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter it.

Once your social security number is entered, or if your social security number was already in the system and you clicked the VIEW HIRING OFFER button, you will be taken to your schedule. This schedule, indicated with a Pending Approval designation, should reflect the hours and days of the week you have agreed to work for your employer and Careseeker. Note, recurring weekly hours have a double arrow indicating so.

Clicking on the VIEW HIRING OFFER in this section will then take you to the details of the job offer where you will see the times, days, daily tasks and wages offered. Please review this section carefully. As such, you are also given three choices: you can reject the job offer, you can request a modification to the job offer, or you can accept the job offer. As such you will see three buttons on the bottom of the offer page: REJECT OFFER, REQUEST CHANGE, and ACCEPT OFFER.

When you click on the REQUEST CHANGE button, a dialog box appears where you can list your change request. Clicking the REQUEST CHANGE button will reset the job offer and notify the Careseeker of any changes or errors you might have seen in the job offer. You may want to also notify your Careseeker of the errors or needed changes via phone or email as well.

If you click the REJECT OFFER button, you are essentially notifying the Careseeker that you DO NOT want to work for them. Doing so will not only reject the job offer, but also block the Careseeker from any other contact with you via our system. Do NOT do this option unless you are sure you want no further contact with this particular Careseeker.

If after reviewing your job offer, and everything on the offer looks correct, you can add some notes if you wish and click the ACCEPT OFFER button. At this point an email will be sent to your new employer informing them of your acceptance of the job offer. Again, congratulations!

Once you accept the offer, you now have to load your checking account information as outlined in Step 9.

Step 9: Make Sure Your Banking (Checking) Information is Loaded

Once you have accepted the job offer and have entered your social security number, you will then be redirected to enter your banking information in your Finances section. You enter the information under the Banking Information tab. This is to ensure that you get your pay check deposited in a timely manner.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter your checking account information.

When you have completed the form and clicked SAVE BANKING INFORMATION button, you will get an instant confirmation that your checking account information is correct. If you get an error, please just re-enter the correct information. It is vitally important that you enter the correct information so what we can process your pay checks quickly.

Once you have accepted your job offer, when you navigate to the Careseekers section, and Careseeker you are working for will be under My Careseekers.

When you navigate to My Schedule, you will now see that the Pending Approval designator is no longer within your scheduled hours.

You will also get an email confirmation that you have accepted the job offer and when you first start date and time will be as well as contact information about your Careseeker administrator.

Congratulations, you have completed your job offer acceptance and are now ready to work for your new employer. Please proceed to Step 10.

Step 10: Start Work, Log Hours (and any Expenses) Daily

You should get an email from Keep Safe Care Direct indicating your first day of work as well as weekly reminder for you to log in to your account to review your upcoming work week schedule.

Each day you work, you will need to log in and complete your Careseeker’s care plan as you conducted it that day. To do this, log in to your account, and then navigate to My Schedule. There you will see on your calendar time slots indicated with Log Time. Clicking on that time block with that indicator opens up a dialog box. If you worked unscheduled hours (that means no hours were scheduled on a work day, or you worked an additional shift and you have to add new hours), you can click the LOG UNSCHEDULED HOURS button on the top of the page. Do NOT use this option to log hours that where scheduled for the work day but were only shifted in time. Doing so will generate two schedules.

This dialog box allows you to either confirm the hours you worked, change the hours you worked, cancel hours (you did not) or added notes. To log hours work, select Confirm Hours radio button then click LOG TIME button within the time block on calendar.

A new dialog box will be displayed where you can enter your time and completion of the Careseeker’s care plan. When you are done sign off with your full name on your account and click the LOG HOURS button.

On occasion, your Careseeker might request you to run an errand, or to pick up some food, and/or drive them to an appointment. If you incurred any trip expenses (ran an errand), gave your Careseeker a ride, or made a purchase for them (miscellaneous expense, you will need a receipt to request a reimbursement), please add it under the time your worked as part of you logging your hours. To add an expense reimbursement just click on either the + Add travel / trip expense, + Add Ride expense item, and/or + Add miscellaneous expense item link(s) in order to add an expense. Doing so will open up a dialogue box where you enter your expense information (i.e., amount and purpose, description or destination). You can add multiple expense items under one work period if you happen to have more than one expense item. Once completed, click the LOG HOURS button to complete.

You will now see on you schedule that your hours have been logged and the new status is TIME LOGGED. Do not send hours until the end of your work week.

At the end of your work week and after you have logged all you hours it is on to Step 11 and sending your hours and getting a direct deposit into your bank account.

Step 11: Send Logged Hours End of Week, Get Direct Deposit Paycheck

At the end of your work week, and after you have logged all your daily hours (all blocks have TIME LOGGED), you then need to send your time sheet to your Careseeker Administrator (employer) for their sign off of your work. To do that, click on the SEND YOUR HOURS button when viewing your My Schedule section. Remember, it is your responsibility to send your hours at the end of the work week in order to get paid.

You will be taken to the Send Work Hours tab under your Finances section where you can review the details of your Pending pay stub. In this section you can see sub-tabs titled Payment Summary, Payment Details, Expense Details (if any) and Withholding Estimates (this is what your employer needs to take out of your paycheck in taxes). Clicking on any of these sub-tabs will display the information. If everything looks correct, click the SEND HOURS button under the Pay Stub number. If you need to make changes just go back to My Schedule and edit the information there.

Once you have clicked the SEND HOURS button, your pay stub status has now changed to Sent.

In addition, once you have sent your work hours, you can now view your pay stub under the Pay Stub History tab. As a note, you can view any of your pay stubs under this tab as well by clicking the eye icon associated with a Pay Stub number under Past Pay Stubs. To print the pay stub details, scroll down until you see the PRINT button after clicking the eye icon. This section also gives you a running total of hours worked, total payments, federal withholdings (FICA), state withholdings, and other withholdings.

After you have logged your weekly hours and sent your time sheet, your employer (Careseeker Administrator) needs to approve them in order for you to get paid. We track this this process though your pay stub status. During this phase you will see that your pay stub status is has been changed from Sent to Approved to CGPending.

Once your employer has reviewed and signed off on your time sheet, your pay stub status will change to CGPending. This indicates that an ACH (electronic pay check) payment is initiated. As you can see below, when you click the eye associated with any pay stub under Past Pay Stubs, you can get a detailed view of your pay stub. To print the pay stub details, scroll down until you see the PRINT button.

It takes from 2 to 5 business days for an ACH to clear, depending on how quickly your bank processes ACH transfers. Once it does, your pay check is deposited directly into your checking account and the pay stub status will change to CGPaid. A CGFail status indicates that the ACH was not deposited, and you will need to contact your bank or make sure you have the correct checking account information entered.

Again, to view any Pay Stub details, click the ‘eye’ icon associated with that pay stub. You will get a display like below. To print the pay stub details, scroll down until you see the PRINT button.

Remember, you can review a record of all your Pay Studs in the Finances section under the Pay Stub History tab as outlined the paragraphs above in Step 11.