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Cost Savings

How Much Can I Save?

So, how much money can you really save using Keep Safe Care Direct to hire your own caregiver? It depends on a lot of factors, but know this for sure: A Private Duty agency is going to require at least 20 hours per week of care, and charge a minimum of $27.00 per hour (while paying their caregivers under $10/hr) In states with a $15 minimum wage, your rate will be over $35 per hour. At Keep Safe Care Direct, there are NO MINIMUMS! Agencies might tease you with a low rate, but before you know it, you will be spending a minimum of $600 per week for care. And you know what else? YOU did not get to chose that caregiver, and you most likely will get a multitude of caregivers to come and care for your loved ones. 

If you want to see how much you can actually save using Keep Safe Care Direct, enter the wage you want to pay a Caregiver, how many hours of care you need and what a Private Duty agency will charge (start at $25 and go up to $45 per hour) in the highlighted teal fields below and see your cost savings at the bottom of the page!

This calculation represents an estimate and is for example purposes ONLY and varies by state and local jurisdiction. Please consult with a Tax Professional for tax and/or legal advice.